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Saurabh Malhotra: The musical journey began when he was only 12. Proficient at playing various instruments like Tabla, Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums etc. Besides playing instruments singing was one of the  favorite. Learned under Guru-Shishya Parampra from “Ustad Gulshan Bharti” for 8 years took training of Indian classical music, also learned the authentic varieties of different western singing styles . Visharad in vocals. Presently teaching in an steamed Institute from last 7 Years. Being a lead singer and  Music arranger he himself a lyricist and composer.

Arvind Samul: He started playing guitar at the age of 17. Being in the field of music from last 30 years. He is one of the nostalgias and enthusiastic guitarist. He played many solo performances in London, Saudi-Arabia, and different countries. Being a guitarist he works out with different fusion patterns of rhythm, arrangement in band.
   Presently he is teaching western music in an esteemed institute.



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